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The Merino Sweater-

The Merino Sweater doesn't need a lot of washing to keep it nice and clean. If it’s in need of a refresh, simply hang it in the bathroom whilst you shower, or outside in the fresh air to get out any wrinkles or odours. 

Does The Merino Sweater really need a wash? Here's how you do it:

• Wash The Merino Sweater inside out, on a special wool-cycle around maximum 30°C. If your machine doesn’t have a wool setting, you can use a cold or a delicate cycle up to a maximum of 600 turns.

• Use laundry detergents especially made for washing wool. They help to maintain the high quality of The Merino Sweater. Don't use bleach or fabric softener as this damages the fibres.

• After washing, dry The Merino Sweater flat on a clean towel away from sunlight and heat. Wet wool is more sensitive to light.

• Let the sweater rest for 24 hours between washing and wearing it. This gives the wool fibres the chance to fully recover in their natural shape.

• Summertime? Store away The Merino Sweater when it's totally clean. Any residue or oils can attract moths.


The Parka-

Professional dry clean only. Take it to the dry-cleaner once a year and treat it with a protectant spray afterwards. Want to clean it inbetween? Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or hang outside in the fresh air to get out any odours .


The Bag-

Because of the water-repellent coating on our leather, there’s no need for care products. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.